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Our Chef

Michael Frazier has been a part of the NYC restaurant industry since 1999. After graduating from The Art Institute of New York (formerly the NY Restaurant School) in 2002, he began an internship at The NFL Headquarters on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Subsequently he started his training under Bernard Norget and Philippe Kaemmerle at Sterling Affair Caterers.

As the years went by, Michael gained experience that ranged from Corporate Catering to Full Service events. In 2004, he entered the restaurant scene in Brooklyn, starting at Melt. After serving as the chef of The Member’s Dining room on Capitol Hill, D.C.; he came across Abdhul Traore in 2008 who introduced him to the endless possibilities of
world fusion cuisine at Kif Brooklyn.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY; Michael has always taken a simple approach to food. Food should be straight to the point and honest. Michael fits his food into what he refers to as “profiles”. This unique approach allows the melding of flavours and seasonings from different backgrounds into one concept.

Michael always uses the freshest ingredients, including free-range and antibiotic/hormone-free products. He also has held a long time philosophy of making everything possible from scratch. This is evident in his wide ranging menus and overall presentation. He displays food in the simplest, highest quality fashion.

About the Chef: About the Chef
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